Top 10 cheap hotels in Rome

After a busy day exploring and touring the crowded twisting streets of Rome, one could use a good place to stay to recuperate from the stressful and fatiguing day and to gain energy for the next day ahead. But if you are working with a limited budget, should you sacrifice that relaxing and luxurious hotel room for cheap space that doesn't even have mattresses or air-conditioning? Definitely not. Though you're working with a small amount of money, this shouldn't stop you from enjoying a good night's sleep. Here are top 10 of the cheapest yet most luxurious hotels in Rome.

Teatropace 33.

Find yourself down a narrow street past rows of condensed furnishing makers and suppliers and sleep under the roof of Teatropace 33. The first thing that'll hit you is the colossal 17th century spiral stone staircase in this previous cardinal's abode. Wood and stone flooring is thrown in with overwhelmingly elevated beamed ceilings to give a solid, cozy feel in the spacious double rooms while the top flooring suite has its own personal private roof terrace.

Radisson SAS es. Hotel.

Situated between the busy station of Termini, rattling tram lines and a rich multi-ethnic food grocery store nearby; the Radisson SAS es. Hotel doesn't provide court-side views to Rome's historic and scenic ruins but is the only designer hotel in Rome that is accessible from the station, which is perfect for visitors who are travelling into the town via train from the airport and wishes to avoid getting caught up in traffic.

Casa II Rosario.

Also known as Casa Di Sant'Anna, this cheap yet luxurious hotel provides access to some of the most secretive gardens in Rome with their high thick walls that is usually owned and managed by the church. Check into Casa II Rosario, which is a great hotel facilitated by Dominican nuns and is opened to tourists as well as pilgrims. Good value rooms make the hotel preferable for budget conscious families and individuals.

Casa Banzo.

Embodied by stained glass windows, cool elevated ceiling entrance halls, tilted flooring and breakfast rooms themed in the 16th century palazzo; the Casa Banzo is within proximity to the well recognized Campo Dei Fiori, the hot spot in the historic center. While tourists gather around outdoors, simple yet elegant rooms provide a quiet and relaxing interior courtyard that's dripping with plants.

Colors Hostel.

This family-friendly and vibrant hotel in Rome is family owned and operated and combines shared six-bed dorms and private rooms that can suit up to four boarders. You can take your pick between rooms with cozy shared or elite suite bathrooms that wouldn't look out of place in chic hotels. Vibrant decoration adds up to the relaxing, private house appeal while a small roof terrace provides visitors the opportunity to cook a communal kitchen and then dine in style.

Hotel Eden.

One of the best hotels in terms of the best view in Rome, the Eden renders stunning and gorgeous views that exceed distant Roman domes and vital historic infrastructures and even expose the hidden lanes and gardens of Villa Medici that is just next door.

Portrait Suites.

One attribute that characterizes this Rome hotel is Hip. Situated within Via Condotti, in the core of Rome's high-street fashion community, Portrait Suites where the evening turn-down comes with fabric blankets. Each light switch has designer ancestry and the walk-in facilities are larger than most hotel rooms in Rome.

The Hotel Hassler.

This Rome hotel is considered a luxurious landmark since it was founded. This 19th century milestone is designed with tapestries, chandeliers, velvet sofas and scenic views within the Spanish paved ways to St Peters.

Hotel De Russie.

Formerly used as a hang-out for high profiled individuals in Russia including Picasso and Stravinsky, Hotel De Russie boasts 122 fully refurbished luxurious and modernistic rooms. De Russie can be found with a hidden oasis of fountains, lush garden and trees and an elegantly paved pathway.

Flaminio Vilalge.

Furbished with maintained lawns, a pizzeria, swimming pool and adequate space for tents in a forest of acacia trees, this slick campsite sits comfortably on the end of protected parkland in the northern region of Rome and is surrounded by bungalow houses, cabins, a mini market and free buffet breakfast for boarders.