Top 10 5 star hotels in Rome

Rome, the land of ancient epics and the metropolis reflecting the rich heritage of long lost empires, the city boasts about its glorious monuments and architectural heirlooms. To enjoy the unique thriving culture of Rome, you must choose from the top 5 most luxurious and aesthetically pleasant hotels for stay. The lovely ambience, the fine dining experience and vivid display of the city's inherent cultural elements will spur up your sojourn with fun and amusement.

Following is a list of Top 10 5 star hotels in Rome:

  • Boscolo Palace: The Boscolo Palace is located at Via Veneto, one of the most posh areas of Rome and close to the central area of Dolce Vita. The magnificent wrought iron gate at the front reflects the grandeur and elegance of the hotel. The glazy marble, enameled surfaces and outstanding finishing contribute to the hotel's aesthetic appeal. 8 floors of the construction have 87 perfectly decorated cozy rooms which include Presidential and executive suites overlooking picturesque panorama of the city.
  • Hotel Majestic: Catering to the needs of travelers who intend to experience the opulence and sophistication of Rome, Hotel Majestic is in the business since 1889. Located at the Via Veneto, this beautiful construction showcases a spacious and well-decorated 'Carrara-Marble lobby' and a large Ballroom featuring fresco ceiling that can accommodate 120 guests at a time. The hotel is few minutes' walk away from the shopping area and Borghese Art Gallery and Gardens. Room choices include Superior rooms, Deluze rooms, One Bedroom suites, Junior suites, Via Veneto suites and S. Isidoro suites.
  • Regina Baglioni: Regina Baglioni is another luxurious Via Vento hotel that is just a stone's throw from Piazza di Spagna, Via Condotti and Villa Borghese. The hotel has perfect interior decorated in innovative Art Deco style along with a spacious hall at the top most floor overlooking the posh vista of Rome. It serves as an ideal place for banquets and meetings.
  • Hotel Hassler: Hassler is an eminent name in tourism and hotel industry catering to the guests for more than a century. The atmospheric hotel pays careful attention to every detail associated with the rooms, amenities and dining that makes every guest feel special throughout his/her sojourn. The hotel is located atop Spanish Steps. There are 13 suites and 82 rooms featuring explicitly beautiful frescos and boiserie.
  • St Regis Grand Hotel: St Regis Grand Hotel, the spectacularly luxurious hotel features magnificent interiors and an amazingly seductive ambience. The hotel underwent a meticulous restoration worth $35 million which added its name to the Conde Nast Traveler's 2008 Gold List. There are 23 luxury suites and 138 guest rooms in the hotel equipped with all modern amenities especially luxurious bathing arrangements and extra-comfortable beds.
  • The Westin Excelsior: The Westin Excelsior has hosted some of the most eminent and infamous personalities including artists, statesmen and celebrities since 1906. The hotel is located at the posh Via Vento area and made its way to the Conde Nast Traveler's 2007 Gold List owing to its $7 million worth renovation. There are 35 suites and 281 guest rooms featuring modern interior and grand furnishings.
  • Hotel Lord Byron: Few minutes' walk from the Villa Borghese Park, Hotel Lord Byron is located at an exclusive and posh locality of Rome. The nearby attractions include Piazza di Spagna, National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Dolce Vita and Borghese Gallery. Apart from the luxurious suites and rooms decorated in Thirties art-deco fashion, the hotel boasts about its outstanding service which makes the guests feel pampered all the time.
  • Hotel Eden-A Royal Meridien: Hotel Eden-A Royal Meridien is the peaceful haven for travelers who wish to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful monumentality of Rome always. Overlooking the historic Seven Hills of Rome, the Coliseum, the Forum, Trevi Fountain and the Vatican, the hotel has been much coveted destination for several celebrities and aristocrats for decades. The much talked about La Terrazza dell' Eden is a rooftop restaurant serving connoisseur's wines and authentic epicurean Italian cuisines.
  • Hotel Raphael Rome: Located at the heart of the city, near the pulsating Piazza Navona, Hotel Raphael Rome is a much celebrated 5 star hotel. The hotel is at a stone's throw distance from St. Peter's Church, Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. The hotel is no less than a museum preserving invaluable antiquarian artifacts, sculptures, lithographs and paintings.
  • Grand Hotel de la Minerve: Grand Hotel de la Minerve features a cozy and warm ambience reflected in its ultra-modern interior and fine amenities. The recently upgraded hotel offer room choices including Suites, Junior Suites and Deluxe, Superior and Classic rooms. Additional attractions are the lovely Roof garden and grand banquet hall.